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Original Cast
[Cats [Remastered] [2CD]] (1998-10-05)
UNIVERSAL / POLYDOR | MUSICAL | EU | 2CD | 042281781025 | 단종상품

최근입고 : 2005-06-24

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Overture
2. Prologue
3. Jellicle Song For Jellicle Cats
4. Naming Of Cats
5. Invitation To The Jellicle Ball
6. Old Gumbie Cat
7. Rum Tum Tugger
8. Grizabella
9. Bustopher Jones
10. Mungojerrie And Rumpleteazer
11. Old Deuteronomy
12. Jellicle Ball
13. Grizabella: The Glamour Cat

1. Memory
2. Gus: The Theatre Cat
3. 'growltiger's Last Stand': The Ballad Of Billy Mccaw Skimbleshanks
4. Macavity: The Mystery Cat
5. Mr. Mistoffelees
6. Memory
7. Journey To The Heaviside Lyer
8. Ad-dressing Of Cats