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Nana Mouskouri
[Passport] (1987-05-24)
UNIVERSAL / PHILIPS | WORLD | EU | 1CD | 042283076426

최근입고 : 2012-04-10

주문수량 :
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1. The White Rose Of Athens
2. I Have A Dream
3. Day Is Done
4. Never On Sunday
5. My Friend The Sea
6. Plaisir D'amour
7. The Loving Song
8. Try To Remember
9. Turn On The Sun
10. Odos Oniron
11. Milisse Mou
12. Enas Mythos
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water
14. And I Love You So
15. If You Love Me
16. Seasons In The Sun
17. The Last Rose Of Summer
18. Over And Over
19. Four And Twenty Hours
20. Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu Paloma
21. Amazing Grace