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[Pocahontas [포카혼타스][2CD The Legacy Collection][Hard Paper Cover]] (2015-08-21)

최근입고 : 2015-09-08

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. The Virginia Company (Performed By Chorus And Mel Gibson)
2. Steady As The Beating Drum (Main Title) (Performed By Chorus)
3. Pocahontas (Score)
4. Father Knows Best (Score)
5. Steady As The Beating Drum (Reprise) (Performed By Jim Cummings)
6. Just Around The Riverbend (Performed By Judy Kuhn)
7. Grandmother Willow (Score)
8. Listen With Your Heart I (Performed By Linda Hunt And Bobbi Page)
9. Ratcliffe's Cabin (Score)
10. Going Ashore (Score)
11. Pocahontas Watches/Meeko (Score)
12. Council Meeting (Score)
13. Percy's Bath (Score)
14. Mine, Mine, Mine (Performed By David Ogden Stiers, Mel Gibson And Chorus)
15. Cat 'N' Mouse (Score)
16. They Meet At The River's Edge (Score)
17. Skirmish (Score)
18. Unusual Name (Score)
19. Colors Of The Wind (Performed By Judy Kuhn)
20. Something Wrong, John? (Score)
21. Into The Glade (Score)
22. Listen With Your Heart II (Performed By Linda Hunt And Bobbi Page)
23. Warriors Arrive (Score)
24. Smith Returns (Score)
25. Sneaking Out (Score)
26. The Fight (Score)
27. Aftermath (Score)
28. I'll Never See Him Again (Score)

1. If I Never Knew You (Performed By Mel Gibson And Judy Kuhn)
2. Thomas Reports (Score)
3. Savages (Performed By David Ogden Stiers, Jim Cummings, Judy Kuhn And Chorus)
4. Execution (Score)
5. Now's Our Chance (Score)
6. Farewell (Score)
7. If I Never Knew You (Love Theme From Pocahontas) (Performed By Jon Secada And Shanice)
8. Colors Of The Wind (End Title) (Performed By Vanessa Williams)
9. Epiphany/Savages (Part 2) (Alternate Version)
10. Just Around The Riverbend (Demo)
11. If I Never Knew You (Demo)
12. Different Drummer (Demo)
13. First To Dance (Demo)
14. In The Middle Of The River (Demo)
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디즈니 레거시 컬렉션 Pocahontas [포카혼타스]의 종합 선물 세트 Pocahontas [포카혼타스][2CD The Legacy Collection][Hard Paper Cover]! 20주년 Anniversary Collecrtible Edition으로 발매되는 이번 앨범은 디즈니의 가장 유명한 클래식 작품들의 음악을 담은 레거시 컬렉션의 Pocahontas [포카혼타스]편이다. 1995년 Vanessa Williams가 불러서 빌보드 싱글 차트 4위까지 오른 주제곡이자, 1995년 아카데미 시상식 주제가상를 수상한 'Colors Of The Wind'를 비롯하여, Just Around The Riverbend, If I Never Knew You 등의 명곡과 더불어 총 2CD의 42곡으로 풍성하게 구성되어 있다. 또한 5곡의 데모곡, 매혹적인 Liner Notes와 삽화, 오리지널 Concept Art도 포함되어 있다.