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Original Cast
[Guys & Dolls (1950 Original Broadway Cast) [50th Anniversary New Reissue]] (2005-06-27)
UNIVERSAL / DECCA | MUSICAL | USA | 1CD | 601215911220

최근입고 : 2007-10-19

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Runyonland Music / Fugue For Tinhorns / Follow The Fold - Stubby Kaye/johnny Silver/douglas Deane/is
2. Oldest Established, The - Sam Levene/stubby Kaye/johnny Silver
3. I'll Know - Robert Alda/isabel Bigley
4. Bushel And A Peck, A - Vivian Blaine
5. Adelaides's Lament - Vivian Blaine
6. Guys And Dolls - Stubby Kaye/johnny Silver
7. If I Were A Bell - Isabel Bigley
8. My Time Of Day - Robert Alda
9. I've Never Been In Love Before - Robert Alda/isabel Bigley
10. Take Back Your Mink - Vivian Blaine
11. More I Cannot Wish You - Pat Rooney Sr.
12. Luck Be A Lady - Robert Alda
13. Sue Me - Vivian Blaine/sam Levene
14. Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat - Stubby Kaye
15. Marry The Man Today - Vivian Blaine/isabel Bigley
16. Reprise: Guys And Dolls - Vivian Blaine/isabel Bigley
17. I'll Know - Marlon Brando/jean Simmons
18. If I Were A Bell - Marlon Brando/jean Simmons
19. Woman In Love, A - Marlon Brando
20. Luck Be A Lady - Marlon Brando
{ Comment }
55년도 영화"Guys & Dolls"를 뮤지컬로 재현을 해서 엄청난 관객몰이를 했던 브로드웨이 뮤직컬 "Guys & Dolls"의 사운드트랙. 영화탄생 50주년을 기념해서 첫 상영때의 음원을 4곡 포함한 스페이셜 음반으로 뮤지컬 애호가들에겐 필수 컬렉터 아이템이다.