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Moody Blues
[Gold - Definitive Collection [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-04-25)
UNIVERSAL / POLYDOR | ART ROCK | EU | 2CD | 602498268353

최근입고 : 2012-06-07

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Tuesday Afternoon (forever Afternoon)
2. Nights In White Satin
3. Ride My See-saw
4. Legend Of A Mind
5. Voices In The Sky
6. Lovely To See You
7. Never Comes The Day
8. Gypsy (of A Strange And Distant Time)
9. Candle Of Life
10. Watching And Waiting
11. Question
12. Melancholy Man
13. Story In Your Eyes, The
14. Lost In A Lost World
15. New Horizons
16. Isn't Life Strange
17. I'm Just A Singer (in A Rock And Roll Band)

1. Remember Me My Friend - (with Blue Jays)
2. Blue Guitar - (with Blue Jays)
3. Steppin' In A Slide Zone
4. Had To Fall In Love
5. Driftwood
6. Forever Autumn - (with Justin Hayward)
7. Voice, The
8. Talking Out Of Turn
9. Gemini Dream
10. Blue World
11. Sitting At The Wheel
12. Your Wildest Dreams
13. I Know You're Out There Somewhere
14. Say It With Love
15. Bless The Wings (that Bring You Back) - (orchestral Mix)
16. Strange Times
17. December Snow
{ Comment }
록과 클래식의 조화를 추구했던 Moody Blues의 2005년 유니버셜 GOLD 시리즈! Moody Blues의 67년 명반 Days Of Future Passed의 삽입되었던 불후의 명곡 Nights In White Satin과 Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)을 포함하여 두장의 시디에 34곡이 수록되었다. 또한 디지털 리마스터링으로 복원되어 더욱 좋은 음질을 들을 수 있다.