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[Gold - Definitive Collection [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-07-26)
UNIVERSAL / ISLAND | ROCK | USA | 2CD | 602498312070

최근입고 : 2012-03-08

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Paper Sun
2. Dealer
3. Coloured Rain
4. Hole In My Shoe
5. No Face, No Name, No Number
6. Heaven Is In Your Mind
7. Smiling Phases
8. Dear Mr. Fantasy
9. You Can All Join In
10. Pearly Queen
11. Feelin' Alright
12. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
13. Forty Thousand Headmen
14. Shanghai Noodle Factory
15. Medicated Goo
16. Glad
17. Freedom Rider
18. Empty Pages
19. John Barleycorn

1. Gimme Some Lovin' [live]
2. Low Spark Of High-heeled Boys
3. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
4. Rock & Roll Stew
5. Rainmaker
6. Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory
7. (sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired
8. Something New
9. Dream Gerrard
10. Walking In The Wind
11. When The Eagle Flies
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포크, 블루스, 락, 팝, 싸이키델릭 다양한 장르를 아우르며 60, 70년대 브리티쉬 락씬을 호령했던 명그룹 "Traffic" Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi 등의 쟁쟁한 라인업, 그들이 빚어내는 향연을 만끽할 수 있는 1967 - 1975 사이 녹음된 총 30곡의 히트 컬렉션!!