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Nina Simone
[Gold - Definitive Collection [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-09-06)
UNIVERSAL / UNIVERSAL | JAZZ | EU | 2CD | 602498325322 | J

최근입고 : 2009-12-04

주문수량 :
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1. I Loves You Porgy
2. Don't Smoke In Bed
3. Mississippi Goddam
4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
5. The Laziest Gal In Town
6. Don't Take All Night
7. See Line Woman
8. I Put A Spell On You
9. Ne Me Quitte Pas
10. Feeling Good
11. Take Care Of Business
12. Be My Husband
13. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
14. Strange Fruit
15. Sinnerman

1. The Other Woman
2. Don't Explain
3. Images
4. Four Women
5. Lilac Wine
6. Wild Is The Wind
7. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
8. If I Should Lose You
9. I'm Gonna Leave You
10. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
11. Take Me To The Water
12. I'm Going Back Home
13. He Ain't Comin' Home No More
14. Come Ye
15. I Love My Baby
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2003년 향년 70세를 일기로 세상을 떠난 니나 시몬의 50, 60년대 최고의 힛트레코딩을 모아놓은 스페셜 펙키지 베스트 앨범 [Gold - Definitive Collection]. 'Ne Me Quitte Pas', 'I Love You Porgy','My Baby Just Cares For Me'등 주옥과 같은 30곡의 트랙들로 수놓아진 최상의 콜렉션!