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Neil Diamond
[Gold - Definitive Collection [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-01-11)
UNIVERSAL / MCA | POP | EU | 2CD | 602498628652

최근입고 : 2012-02-03

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Two-bit Manchild
2. Brooklyn Roads
3. Shilo
4. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
5. Juliet
6. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
7. Glory Road
8. If I Knew Your Name
9. Memphis Streets
10. Sweet Caroline
11. Mr. Bojangles
12. Smokey Lady
13. Holly Holy
14. Both Sides Now
15. And The Singer Sings His Song
16. Cracklin' Rosie
17. Coldwater Morning
18. Done Too Soon
19. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
20. Soolaimon

1. I Am...i Said
2. Last Thing On My Mind, The
3. Chelsea Morning
4. Crunchy Granola Suite
5. Stones
6. Suzanne
7. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
8. Song Sung Blue
9. Porcupine Pie
10. Canta Libre
11. Captain Sunshine
12. Play Me
13. Walk On Water
14. Prelude In E Major
15. Morningside
16. Kentucky Woman - (live)
17. Thank The Lord For The Night - (live)
18. Solitary Man - (live)
19. Cherry, Cherry - (live)
20. Red, Red Wine - (live)
21. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon - (live)
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약 30년의 음악생활동안 히트곡 제조기로서 이름 그대로 팝 필드를 빛내고 있는 NEIL DIAMOND는 스탠다드 팝적인 프로그레시브 록 싱어송라이터로, 때로는 평이한 발라드까지 자유롭게 구사하며 정열적으로 활동하고 있는 뮤지션이다. 1968 - 1972년 사이에 레코딩된 음원들 중 "Sweet Caroline", "Mr. Bojangles", "Cracklin' Rosie", "Song Sung Blue" 등 히트넘버들과 Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman 등의 동료 뮤지션들 곡으로 유명한 "Both Sides Now", "Suzanne", "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today", "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" 등을 담았다.