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Safri Duo
[3.5 [3.0 - The Remix Edition] [2 For 1]] (2004-10-05)
UNIVERSAL / UNIVERSAL | POP | EU | 2CD | 602498674994

최근입고 : 2011-01-07

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Rise (leave Me Alone)
2. Ritmo De La Noche
3. All The People In The World
4. Amazonas
5. Fallin' High
6. The Moonwalker
7. Marimba Dreams
8. Agogo Mosse
9. Laarbasses
10. Bombay Vice
11. Prelude
12. Knock On Wood

1. A Visit From The Zoo (safri Duo Medley)
2. Ritmo De La Noche (extended Version)
3. Rise (leave Me Alone) (extended Version)
4. Rise (leave Me Alone) (atn Remix)
5. Rise (leave Me Alone) (airbase Damage Remake)
6. All The People In The World (copenhagen Clubbers Remix)
7. All The People In The World (f&w Remix)
8. Fallin' High (artificial Funk Remix)
9. Fallin' High (steve Murano Remix)
10. Fallin' High (groove Electronic Remix)
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타악기와 강력한 아프리칸 리듬을 앞세운 일렉트로니카/댄스 듀오 SAFRI DUO의 2003년작 [3.0]의 리믹스 앨범. "FALLIN' HIGH", "ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD" 등 플로어 지향적인 트랜스 넘버가 다양한 리믹스 버전으로 실려있다. (2 FOR 1)