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Original Cast
[The Likes Of Us [Andrew Lloyd Webber] [2CD Deluxe Edition]] (2005-11-11)

최근입고 : 2006-06-22

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Introduction
2. Overture
3. Twice In Love Every Day
4. I'm A Very Busy Man
5. Love Is Here
6. Strange And Lovely Song
7. Likes Of Us
8. How Am I To Know
9. We'll Get Him
10. This Is My Time
11. Lion Hearted Land
12. We'll Get Him (reprise)
13. Love Is Here
14. Man Is On His Own

1. Entr'acte
2. You Can Never Make It Alone
3. Hold A March
4. Will This Last Forever?
5. You Won't Care About Him Anymore
6. Going, Going, Gone
7. Man Of The World
8. Have Another Cup Of Tea
9. A Strange And Lonely Song (reprise)
10. The Likes Of Us (reprise)
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영국이 자랑하는 뮤지컬의 대부 Andrew Lloyd Webber이 65년도 그의 평생 파트너인 Tim Rice와 만나 공동작업하여 만든 첫 뮤지컬 작품 "The Likes Of Us"의 사운드트랙이다. 이 음반은 Sydmonton Festival실황을 영국 Abbey Road 스튜디오에서 디지털 리마스터작업을 해서 올해 공개된 음반이며 안에는 Libretto(대본)이 포함되어있다. [2CD Deluxe Edition]