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Jackson 5
[Gold - Definitive Collection [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-03-01)
UNIVERSAL / MOTOWN | POP | EU | 2CD | 602498801529

최근입고 : 2009-07-10

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. I Want You Back
2. Who's Loving You
3. Abc
4. Young Folks, The
5. Love You Save, The
6. I Found That Girl
7. I'll Bet You
8. I'll Be There
9. Goin' Back To Indiana
10. Mama's Pearl
11. Darling Dear
12. Never Can Say Goodbye
13. Maybe Tomorrow
14. It's Great To Be Here
15. Sugar Daddy
16. I'm So Happy
17. Sing A Simple Song / Can You Remember - (live)
18. Doctor My Eyes
19. Little Bitty Pretty One
20. Lookin' Through The Windows
21. Love Song

1. Corner Of The Sky
2. Touch
3. Hallelujah Day
4. Daddy's Home - (live, Live)
5. Get It Together
6. Hum Along And Dance
7. Mama I Got A Brand New Thing (don't Say No)
8. It's Too Late To Change The Time
9. Dancing Machine - (original Lp Version)
10. Whatever You Got, I Want
11. Life Of The Party, The
12. I Am Love
13. All I Do Is Think Of You
14. Forever Came Today
15. We're Here To Entertain You
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잭키, 티토, 제마인, 말론 그리고 마이클 잭슨으로 구성된 JACKSON 5의 2005년 리마스터링 GOLD - DEFINITIVE COLLECTION [2 FOR 1] 앨범. 이 앨범은 69년 첫번째 히트곡 "I Want You Back"을 포함하여 "ABC," "The Love You Save", "I'll Be There" 등의 히트곡을 수록하였다. Dancing Machine 은 (original Lp version)을 복원해 수록하였다. 이 앨범 하나로 JACKSON 5의 최고의 히트곡들을 만날 수 있는 좋은 기회!