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Various Artists
[Center Stage - Broadway 1947-1958 [Digipack]] (2005-04-26)
UNIVERSAL / DECCA | MUSICAL | USA | 1CD | 602498809136

최근입고 : 2005-06-01

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Shall We Dance - Yul Brynner/gertrude Lawrence (from "the King And I")
2. Ohio - Rosalind Russell/edith Adams (from "ohio")
3. Luck Be A Lady - Robert Alda (from "guys And Dolls")
4. Mack The Knife - Gerald Price (from "the Threepenny Opera")
5. There's A Small Hotel - Bobby Van/kay Coulter (from "on Your Toes")
6. Once In Love With Amy - Ray Bolger (from "where's Charley")
7. Yodel Blues - Kenny Delmar (from "texas, Li'l Darlin")
8. Lazy Afternoon - Kaye Ballard (from "the Golden Apple")
9. There Must Be Somethin' Better Than Love - Pearl Bailey (from "arms And The Girl")
10. Your Just In Love - Ethel Merman/dick Haymes (from "call Me Madam")
11. Now Is The Time - Johnny Desmond (from "the Amazing Adele"; Bonus Track)
{ Comment }
The King & I 中 'Shall We Dance', The Threepenny Opera 中 'Mack the Knife', The Golden Apple 中 'Lazy Afternoon' 등으로 대표되는 1947-1958년 사이의 베스트 뮤지컬 앨범. 미국의 전후시대 경제적 풍요로움과 평화가 가져다 준 시대의 산물이라 할 수 있는 작품들이 쏟아져 나왔다.