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Various Artists
[British Invasion - Broadway 1981-1992 [Digipack]] (2005-04-26)
UNIVERSAL / DECCA | MUSICAL | USA | 1CD | 602498809181

최근입고 : 2005-06-01

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Phantom Of The Opera - Michael Crawford/sarah Brightman (from "the Phantom Of The Opera")
2. Memory - Betty Buckley (from "cats")
3. On My Own - Frances Ruffelle (from "les Miserables")
4. Muddy Water - The Ensemble (from "big River")
5. How Can I Ever Know - Renee Fleming/bryn Terfel (from "the Secret Garden")
6. American Dream - Jonathan Pryce (from "miss Saigon")
7. I Knew Him So Well - Elaine Paige/barbara Dickson (from "chess")
8. Dr. Jazz - Gregory Hines (from "jelly's Last Jam")
9. Me And My Girl - Robert Lindsay (from "me And My Girl")
10. Suddenly Seymour - Ellen Greene/lee Wilkof/jennifer Leigh Warren (from "little Shop Of Horrors")
{ Comment }
BROADWAY 1981-1992 이 시대는 유럽과 영국의 뮤지컬 코메디 영향을 받은 시기이다. The Phantom Of The Opera 中 "Phantom Of The Opera", Cats 中 "Memory", Les Miserables 中 "On My Own", Miss Saigon 中 "American Dream", Chess 中 "I Knew Him So Well" 등이 BROADWAY에 소개돼 폭발적인 반응과 밀리언달러를 기록하게 되며 뮤지컬 산업의 외형적인 성장과 더불어 Blockbuster Musical 시기가 도래한다.