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Quincy Jones
[From Q With Love [Remastered] [2 For 1]] (2005-08-09)
UNIVERSAL / DREAMWORKS | R&B/SOUL | USA | 2CD | 602498837924

최근입고 : 2012-01-04

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Setembro - (featuring Sarah Vaughan/take 6)
2. Secret Garden, The (sweet Seduction Suite) - (featuring Barry White/james Ingram/al B. Sure!/el Deba
3. I'm Yours - (featuring Siedah Garrett/el Debarge)
4. Baby, Come To Me - (featuring Patti Austin/james Ingram)
5. You Put A Move On My Heart - (featuring Tamia)
6. Velas - (featuring Toots Thielemans)
7. Moody's Mood For Love - (featuring James Moody/brian Mcknight/take 6/rachelle Ferrell)
8. Liberian Girl - (featuring Michael Jackson)
9. Love Dance - (featuring George Benson)
10. One Hundred Ways - (featuring James Ingram)
11. Rock With You - (featuring Brandy/heavy D)
12. Lady In My Life, The - (featuring Michael Jackson)
13. Shadow Of Your Smile, The - (from "the Sandpiper", Featuring Frank Sinatra/count Basie & His Orchest

1. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? - (featuring James Ingram/patti Austin)
2. Something I Cannot Have - (featuring Catero)
3. Human Nature - (featuring Michael Jackson)
4. Everything Must Change - (featuring Bernard Ighner)
5. I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning - (featuring Luther Vandross/patti Austin)
6. Everything - (featuring Tevin Campbell)
7. Just Once - (featuring James Ingram)
8. If This Time Is The Last Time - (featuring Patti Austin)
9. Somewhere - (featuring Aretha Franklin)
10. Heaven's Girl - (featuring R. Kelly/ron Isley/aaron Hall/charlie Wilson/naomi Campbell)
11. Prelude To The Garden
12. Sax In The Garden - (featuring Kirk Whalum/barry White)
13. At The End Of The Day (grace) - (featuring Toots Thielemans/barry White/mervyn Warren)
{ Credits }
Sarah Vaughan, Take 6, Barry White, James Ingram. Al B. Sure, El Debarge, Siedah Garrett, Patti Austin, Tamia, Toots Thielemans, James Moody, Brian McKnight, Rachelle Ferrell, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Brandy, Heavy D, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Catero, Bernard Ighner, Luther Vandross, Tevin Campbell, Aretha Franklin, Ron Isley, Aaron Hall, Charlie Wilson, Naomi Campbell, Kirk Whalum, Mervyn Warren. Engineers include: Bruce Swedien, Tommy Vicari, Francis Buckley. Includes liner notes by Quincy Jones. This double CD from master producer, songwriter and arranger Quincy Jones
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1933년 시카고에서 태어난 퀸시 존스 할아버지의 사랑에 빠져있는 지구상 모든 연인들에게 바치는 사랑에 대한 헌정앨범. 작곡, 프로듀서까지 그의 모든 것이 응축되어 있는 본 작품은 그가 게스트를 집이나 파티에 초청했을 때에 스스로 제작한 CD를 선물했던 것이 앨범편집의 시작이라고 한다. 재즈, 보사노바, 소울 등 다양한 음악이 Frank Sinatra; Aretha Franklin; Barry White; Patti Austin; James Ingram; Toots Thielemans; Michael Jackson; George Benson 등에 의해 불려지는 거부할 수 없는 명반. 2005년 Remaster, Reissue [2 FOR 1]