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Nine Inch Nails
[The Fragile: Deviations 1 [Limited Edition][Gatefold Cover][180g][4LP]] (2017-11-17)

최근입고 : 2017-12-19

주문수량 :
{ Track List }

1. Somewhat Damaged (Instrumental) (Side A)
2. The Day The World Went Away (Instrumental) (Side A)
3. The Frail (Alternate Version) (Side A)
4. The Wretched (Instrumental) (Side A)
5. Missing Places (Side B)
6. We're In This Together (Instrumental) (Side B)
7. The Fragile (Instrumental) (Side B)
8. Just Like You Imagined (Alternate Version) (Side B)
9. The March (Instrumental) (Side B)

1. Even Deeper (Instrumental) (Side A)
2. Pilgrimage (Alternate Version) (Side A)
3. One Way To Get There (Side A)
4. No, You Don't (Instrumental) (Side A)
5. Taken (Instrumental) (Side A)
6. La Mer (Alternate Version) (Side B)
7. The Great Below (Instrumental) (Side B)
8. Not What It Seems Like (Instrumental) (Side B)
9. White Mask (Instrumental) (Side B)
10. The New Flesh (Alternate Version) (Side B)

1. The Way Out Is Through (Alternate Version) (Side A)
2. Into The Void (Instrumental) (Side A)
3. Where Is Everybody? (Instrumental) (Side A)
4. The Mark Has Been Made (Alternate Version) (Side A)
5. Was It Worth It? (Instrumental) (Side B)
6. Please (Instrumental) (Side B)
7. +appendage (Instrumental) (Side B)
8. Can I Stay Here? (Instrumental) (Side B)
9. 10 Miles High (Instrumental) (Side B)

1. Feeders (Instrumental) (Side A)
2. Starfuckers, Inc. (Instrumental) (Side A)
3. Complication (Instrumental) (Side A)
4. Claustrophobia Machine (Raw) (Side A)
5. Last Heard From (Side A)
6. I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (Instrumental) (Side B)
7. The Big Come Down (Instrumental) (Side B)
8. Underneath It All (Instrumental) (Side B)
9. Ripe (with Decay) (Alternate Version) (Side B)
{ Comment }
Trent Reznor가 이끄는 인더스트리얼 록의 제왕 Nine Inch Nails의 LP 재발매 시리즈! 2016년 디지털 음원으로만 공개되었던 The Fragile의 인스트루멘틀/얼터네이트 앨범 The Fragile: Deviations 1 [Limited Edition][Gatefold Cover][180g][4LP]! 앨범 The Fragile의 Naked 앨범으로 재탄생시킨 HALO THIRTY의 첫 프레싱 음반!