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[Pitch Perfect 3 (피치 퍼펙트 3)] (2017-12-15)

최근입고 : 2017-12-22

주문수량 :
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1. Universal Fanfare - The Bellas
2. Toxic - The Bellas
3. Sit Still, Look Pretty - The New Barden Bellas
4. Riff Off - The Bellas, Evermoist, Saddle Up, Young Sparrow And DJ Dragon Nutz, Soldiers
5. You Got It - Young Sparrow And DJ Dragon Nutz
6. Ex's And Oh's - Saddle Up
7. How A Heart Unbreaks - Evermoist
8. Cheap Thrills - The Bellas
9. I Don't Like It, I Love It - The Bellas
10. Cake By The Ocean - The Bellas
11. Freedom! '90 - The Bellas
12. Soy Yo - Bomba Estereo
13. Boom Boom - Iggy Azalea, Zedd
14. Tribe - Kim Viera
15. Score Suite From Pitch Perfect 3 - Christopher Lennertz
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뮤지컬 코미디 영화로 지난 2012년 미국에서 큰 성공을 거뒀던 Pitch Perfect의 세번째 이야기 Pitch Perfect 3 (피치 퍼펙트 3) 사운드트랙반! 감독 Trish Sie, 프로듀서 Elizabeth Banks, Paul Brooks, Max Handelman, Marc Platt등이 제작했으며 Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld등이 출연했다. OST에는 Iggy Azalea, Zedd의 'Boom Boom', George Michael 커버곡 'Freedom! '90', 'Toxic', 'Riff Off', 'Cheap Thrills'등을 수록하고 있다.