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Brian Mcknight
[Bethlehem] (2002-08-27)
UNIVERSAL / UNIVERSAL | CAROL | USA | 1CD | 731453094420

최근입고 : 2012-02-03

주문수량 :
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1. Hail Mary - (featuring The Mcknight Family Choir)
2. Bethlehem Tonight - (featuring Michael Sembello)
3. Let It Snow '98 - (featuring Boyz Ii Men)
4. Silent Night - (interlude, Featuring Mrs. Nat King Cole)
5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
6. It's All About Love - (featuring Niko/brian Mcknight, Jr.)
7. Christmas Time Is Here
8. First Noel, The - (featuring Claude Mcknight/tim Miner)
9. Home For The Holidays
10. Don't Let Me Go
11. Christmas Eve With You - (featuring Dave Koz/julie Mcknight)