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Original Cast
[Jesus Christ Superstar - Hightlight (OC)] (1997-10-07)
UNIVERSAL / DECCA | MUSICAL | USA | 1CD | 731453768628

최근입고 : 2007-07-20

주문수량 :
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1. Overture
2. Heaven On Their Minds
3. What's The Buzz? / Strange Thing, Mystifying
4. Everything's Alright
5. Hosanna
6. Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem
7. Pilate's Dream
8. Temple, The
9. I Don't Know How To Love Him
10. Last Supper, The
11. Gethsemane (i Only Want To Say)
12. King Herod's Song
13. Could We Start Again, Please?
14. Judas' Death
15. Trial Before Pilate (including The 39 Lashes)
16. Superstar
17. Crucifixion
18. John Nineteen: Forty-one
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Jesus Christ Superstar - Highlights
Joanna Ampil, Peter Gallagher, David Burt, Steve Balsamo, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar (Related Recordings), Tim Rice