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Ohio Players
[Millennium Collection - 20th Century Masters] (2000-02-01)
UNIVERSAL / MERCURY | FUNK | USA | 1CD | 731454226820 | 단종상품

최근입고 : 2006-12-28

주문수량 :
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1. Love Rollercoaster
2. I Want To Be Free
3. Fopp
4. Let's Do It (let's Love)
5. Skin Tight
6. Fire
7. Sweet Sticky Thing
8. Jive Turkey
9. Who'd She Coo
10. Heaven Must Be Like This
11. O-h-i-o
12. Happy Holidays Part 1
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70년대 최고의 FUNK 밴드였던 OHIO PLAYERS의 베스트 앨범. FUNK의 클래식 "LOVE ROLLERCOASTER"를 비롯, "I WANT TO BE FREE", "LET'S DO IT' 등 12 트랙 수록.